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Quinn's 3D

The rabblings and 'art' of a sleep deprived coffee addict.

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Jul 16 '12

So I am going to need a new pen for my tablet soon as this one is pretty shit and basically falling apart. I checked the prices expecting really high prices or really bad sellers from china.

3 day shipping and they have a guarantee of shipping the same day


I can’t possibly describe how important a tablet is to texturing, brush strokes are impossible without it, same with edge highlights.


Tags: art blog idunno
May 15 '12

This blog is suppose to be for models? Fuck that, have some ska!

May 9 '12



god I love procrastinating

dear princess Celestia

I am so lazy.

May 1 '12

Late night caustics with Quinn.

It is 2:25 am and I am up drinking tea and rendering caustics.
Living the dream~

It’s going to look sweet bro, chicken nuggets be crispy like you neva seen.

Mar 31 '12

The downsides of fan-art.

For a long time I have been modeling, around two years now and one thing has always stuck out as being interesting, fanart. I decided a few months ago that I wanted to do some Enderbro (really cool tumblr) fan art so I did, what I did not expect was the amount of likes and followers I got from that, it was awesome! What was not awesome was the expectancies that come with that. It feels like if I do much other then Enderman fan art I won’t get much recognition which kind of sucks. It also creates an idea of who you are which is un-true, I don’t want people to follow me to think I am going to make constant Endermen or Minecraft stuff. This thought on fan art though has made it harder for me to actually try to do fan art for more things I like like Pokemon, anime, and a few shows. But, none of this would ever stop me from doing stuff I like and it is as simple as that.